Saturday, April 12, 2008

I May Be a Bad Person

I may be a bad person - well at least I had a bad thought. The other day, two days ago, I think...memory is fading the further I get in this pregnancy - I was pulling out of my parking spot at the gym (after a fairly decent workout if I do say so myself). While I was pulling out and looking in my rear view mirror, ***like you are supposed to*** I saw a large Yukon pulling in to their spot. Okay, nothing unusual there, but after they had pulled in, they put the car in reverse and started backing out. Mind you, I was already backing out, just the tip of my car was still in my parking spot.

Well, here comes the bad person thinking...while I was watching this happen, I thought to myself "What if I just let them back into me..." Now, let's be clear, my daughter was NOT in the car w/ me, and we were both backing out of parking spots, so we were going like 2 miles an hour, but yes, it still might make me a bad person.

Well, I did not let the car hit me, I stopped pulling out and watched for what felt like an eternity, but was most likely only a few seconds, and then when I noticed that they were clearly not looking out their rear view mirror - evidenced by the fact that they kept pulling out and got inches away from my car - I honked my horn very loudly. They then pulled back into their spot and I drove off.

So, I may be a bad person, but maybe not. Anyone else ever have those types of thoughts run through your head?

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