Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disappointed in Myself

This morning I was walking through the train station on the way to work - something I do 5 days a week, so nothing new. But today there was a homeless man standing against a wall in the station and he didn't have any shoes on. I didn't stop. I feel like an awful person. There was a Dunkin Donuts 3 minutes away - I could have asked him if he was hungry and gotten him something to eat, but I didn't. I stop for homeless people all the time, give them food, money, etc. but this morning I didn't stop and this man was clearly in dire straits - I mean seriously, he had no shoes on. Disappointed

I have no idea what was going on in my head. I considered stopping, but kept on walking. I didn't even stop. Isn't that the issue, people can ignore other people, we can walk by other people on the street who are in need without a thought about them. We can pass by people but be too engaged in our own worlds to realize that they need our help. As a society, we don't help other people the way that we should...I don't want to feel like this again.

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