Monday, June 2, 2008

Would you take your Mother to see it...

This was the question I posed to my girlfriend after we watched the new Sex in the City Movie together this weekend. Would you take your Mother to see it? Could you watch this with your Mother?

It was an innocent question - I know the answer for myself - NO WAY ON EARTH, but I am always intrigued by the relationships that others have with their mothers, and I know my girlfriend and her mother are close by most measures of the word. But, she said no, she most certainly wouldn't be bringing her mother to see the movie

**Spoiler Alert** Don't read any further if you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know more about it.

Surprisingly enough to me, there were a number of "older" (read 60ish, maybe 70ish) women in the theater that I saw the movie in. I wish I had known that before the movie started - I would have been interested in seeing their faces when the sex symbol of the movie's penis was shown. Or when Miranda and her husband were shown in the midst of hot sweat SEX and his behind was shown pumping up and down...or when...oh, you get the point.

But I guess that isn't the only reason I wouldn't bring my mother to the movie - although it is probably the largest one - by FAR!

I wouldn't bring my Mom to the movie because I don't think she would understand it. I don't think that she shares a relationship as close as the ladies in the move have. One scene that stands out in my mind is when Carrie gets out of the limo to beat the daylights out of Big with her bouquet and Charlotte is holding her and screams "NO"!!! Her eyes made the moment, big and filled with tears and anger that only someone who has loved a friend as closely as she loved Carrie could bring to bear.

My Mother just doesn't have those relationships with people. I am lucky enough to have one or two - ok, maybe 3 of them myself. People for whom I would do anything and if anyone hurt them I would protect them with my life. But it reminded me that not everyone has that. Not everyone could support their friend through a crisis like these ladies did. Not everyone wants to be in a relationship that makes them feel as much as a friendship like this does.

I wonder if someday the generational equivalent of SITC will come out with a movie and my daughter will be asked the same question. I wonder what she'll say. I'm taking bets she'll say no, but I hope that's only because she doesn't want to watch a sex scene with her mother, not because she think her mother will understand the depth of a relationship with a best friend.

Do you have friends you would protect like Charlotte protects Carrie? Have you ever had to?

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