Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Would You Do?

So on my way home from work today, I was running, yes I am 37 weeks prego tomorrow, and I was running, through the train station attempting to make the early train so that I could get home and spend some time w/ baby girl before she went to sleep.

Well, as I was making my way through the station I saw a man lying on the floor w/ crutches next to him. I saw a whole bunch of people look and walk by, so my first thought was that he was ok. Something made me stop though. I knelt down by him and said, "sir are you ok?" he didn't respond. I noticed that he had what looked like gauze pads that you would get after having an IV or a blood draw and he had a hospital ID badge on his wrist.

He was breathing, but rapidly and he didn't respond to me. I ran over to the station police, but there was noone inside, so I called 911. After calling 911 2 other women came by, but no men. Not a single man stopped to see if he needed help, or if we needed help. Luckily, one of the women was a nurse, and she took his pulse and checked his breathing and confirmed that he was breathing and had a pulse, but said there was nothing that could be done until the medics got there. I was glad - she stayed until the medics arrived.

Long story short, the medics finally arrived w/o a stretcher. But even worse was that they were walking as if there was not an emergency to be rushing to. I was so angry when I saw them sauntering over to us, all I could think was THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE...HE'S LAYING ON THE FLOOR GOD DARN IT (although my internal choice of language was much more severe).

Finally, the guys w/the stretcher came - again they were walking! I just don't understand. When someone calls 911 and reports an unconcious person lying on the floor wouldn't that constitute and emergency for you.

This whole situation made me cry. First because of all the people who just walked by and ignored him. Second because the people who are paid to care, didn't seem to give a darn, and third, because this poor man, with one leg amputated at the knee, and most likely homeless, was lying on the floor, and all I could think is...he's someone's son, someone's Dad, someone's friend...and he's here lying on the really could be any of us...

What would you have done?

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