Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sharing Responsibility

Great article in this weeks NY Times Magazine - all about how parents share their parenting responsibilities - or not. But no, really about how a few couples have broken out their parenting and household duties so that no one feels as if they are doing dramatically more or less.

One of the profiled couples has it broken out so much that they have it that one person does the dark wash and one person does the whites...just so that they have an even division of labor.

The article was really good - I like having an insight into other peoples lives, but I must say that even with my task oriented mind set - I couldn't figure out how to break things out like some fo these people.

My husband and I have a fairly traditional inside outside relationship - as in he handles everything outside. But that's not because I can't or don't want to - but he really likes being outside and working on the lawn and the house and stuff...and I well...I don't. Not that I like scrubbing toilets, but that's the good thing - he'll scrub the toilet I guess I've got it pretty good.

What about you?

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