Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Toy

So, I have been asking for a new toy for over a year now and I finally got it. You see, I was expecting it for my birthday last year, then in time for baby girls first birthday, or for Christmas, then for Valentine's Day, then for Mother's Day, and it never came. But the other day it came - out of the blue! Well just a few days after Mother's Day, but hey.

Darling husband tells me to count it as my push present, anniversary present (5 years in September) and birthday present combined. I'm ok w/ that!

So, you're probably asking - what is it - a set of diamond earrings? Nope. A new car? Nope (I wish). A watch? No again.

It's a beautiful Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera. I love it!! It is secondhand, but we got it from the Ritz Camera store locally, so we know that it is in excellent condition. It has less than 2500 pictures taken with it which is really low. Plus, we already had Nikon lenses that work with it, so we saved money there.

Anyway - I love this camera. It finally let's me take the type of pictures I have been trying to take for almost 2 years now. See the example!

What type of camera do you have? What type of camera do you want?

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