Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Week...

This week has been a bit hectic. Here's the breakdown!

On Tuesday Baby Girl had her 18 month old well check. I was expecting for shots, but she only got 2 and she was a trooper. She cried for 10 seconds max and then stopped. She even gave the nurse a hug. She certainly doesn't have my nerves or pain reflexes - I would have been crying for a week and complaining that the spot where they gave me the shot hurt. Anyway - she jumped up to 92% in height, and she's staying steady in the 53% in weight, and of course - she's still breaking records - 98% in head circumference!!!

On Wednesday I had my OB visit. I am officially 29 weeks and some odd days now. That's exciting. I was talking to the NP about trying to have a natural delivery again. Funny - now that I know what it feels like to do it naturally, I think I am even more scared than I was of the unknown. I mean - it HURT...I really thought that I was going to pass out from the pain, but I didn't. So, you may ask, if it hurt so bad, why not just get the epidural. Well, first - as I noted above, I hate needles, I have very severe anxiety about any kind of needle including something as small as a finger prick (which I personally think hurts like HE--). Secondly, I really liked the fact that after she was delivered, I was me again. I could move around and get out of bed with no restrictions. And of course the idea that all in all it's better for the baby if I don't have meds...but all that being said, I am just not sure what I want to do this time. I think I am going to do something totally abnormal for me and just wait and see what happens! Imagine that!

Had some issues at work this week too. My colleague and I seemed to have gotten way off of the beaten path w/ each other and I didn't know what was going on. Well it seems like a whole bunch of stuff was working on him and I wasn't aware of most of it, but he also let a couple of other people say things that made him think I was being devious and underhanded. We finally talked on Friday and I must say that I am pretty hurt by the whole situation and not sure what to do. I had thought that we had built up a great relationship and for him to allow a couple of minor things reduce me to not even getting the benefit of the doubt...I don't' know...I am still pretty worn down by the whole thing. In the end I asked him how he could think that I was attempting to be devious given the fact that I am about 10 weeks away from taking a 3 month maternity leave during which time I'll have no control over what happens at the office. He thought about that for a second and agreed that it didn't make sense, but it was what he had been feeling, which I get...but...come on...

Anyway, not sure what I am going to do about that - but I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Today I went garage saleing in the morning. Got some great deals. I got like 10 pieces of Janie and Jack clothing (jeans, sweaters, pants, etc.) for $5 - and it was in great condition. I know, I should have felt bad - cause it kind of felt like stealing to get such a great deal, but the woman knew how much she had paid and it was all she was asking for, so how guilty could I really feel...alright - I'm going to forget about it - nothing I can do now.

Then DH and I went and looked at a stroller I had found on Craig's List - and we got quite a deal on that too...$275 for a Phil and Ted's E3 Double Stroller. This thing hasn't even been used. The wheels still had the little spokey (yes, I think that is the official word for them) things on them that come off when they roll on asphalt...GREAT DEAL. OK, it's not the Valco that I wanted, but it's a great stroller and DH even liked it - so I am going to enjoy it and forget about the Valco for a while!

Alright - those are the highlights - next time I'll have to do better about keeping on top of the blogging. Forgive me!

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