Tuesday, May 27, 2008

4 Days in the Life

So, due to some day care issues, I got to spend an extra day home with baby girl. We had a great 3 day weekend, hit the zoo, the pool, the park, and had some playdates with friends.

We hit the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa (who was recovering from a complete shoulder reconstruction, but looking good!) and Aunt Nicole and Abby. The girls had a lot of fun, the animals didn't do any special shows, but the peacock did let us get awfully close and we got some great picutres.

Today, baby girl and I ran some errands. She was great while I was in the doctor's office getting some blood drawn and we picked up my lost wallet, played outside, went to the park, and then hung out with Dadda when he got home...all in all a pretty great 4 day weekend!

Babygirl is hysterical - she loves being pushed around in our new double stroller, the Phil and Teds E3 - one side empty of course as the new baby isn't here yet. I think the neighbors must think we're crazy with the double stroller and only one kid - but she's having fun!

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