Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home Alone

Dear Husband is out and about tonight with his friends. Technically he is at a stinky hockey rink playing hockey with a friend he hasn't seen in about 2 years, but who am I to judge that. And he's going to have a boy's night out coming up soon, where they'll sit around and watch the UFC show as a pre-going to boot camp night for one of his best friends. All good.

Why is it that men and women have different ideas on what a good time is. I am planning on having a date with a girlfriend - going to the movies to see the new SITC movie. I'm planning another date too, garage sales on Saturday morning. Certainly not the equivalent of dressing up in dirty stinky hockey pads and skating around a rink with a bunch of people I don't know and coming home hours later exhausted, which will lead to a bad morning. Or, watching a bunch of half naked men hit each other until they bleed and call one of them the winner. No, we just seem to have slightly different ideas of a night out.

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