Monday, August 18, 2008

Trying the big G

When we had baby girl #1, we used cloth diapers on her for the first 6 months. I would have gone on longer, but my mother-in-law and day care lady (who combined account for 5 days of childcare for her) weren't well...I guess the word is enthusiastic...about the use of the cloth diapers. I didn't really see much of an increased time committment to using them, but then again it was all I really knew...

Anyway - we would have done it again with baby girl #2, but we decided that since our child care arrangements hadn't changed it would be prudent to choose another option. So, we are going the route of a mix of disposable diapers and hybrid diapers.

You may be asking - what are hybrid diapers...well, they are a cloth diaper outside with a disposable inside - meaning you reuse the outside and throw away the insides. The great thing is that the insides are biodegradable, so you aren't throwing anything out into the environment that will last for the next 100 years or so, or pollute the environment. We'll probably make use of Seventh Generation diapers for her while she is in the care of my MIL or our day care lady, just because that is what they want, and they are great so, we like to make them happy!

Anyway - back to the G diapers...they aren't cheap - $0.41 a diaper where we buy them, compared to $.031 for the Seventh Generation disposables for her size, but I consider it an investment in the environment and in her future...

So far they've been easy to use - living up to their ability to be flushed in the toilet, and they come with really cute diaper covers - I just need to get a few more of them.

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