Friday, August 22, 2008

My Life

My life on maternity leave continued...:

* 1 pumping session
* Changed diaper
* Drove to husband's office to drop off the items he forgot today
* Dropped off books (only 1 day overdue) at the library
* Nursed baby girl
* Ate breakfast
* Talked with Nicole by phone
* Played with baby girl
* Nursed baby girl
* Cleaned out the food cabinet
* Nursed baby girl
* Changed diaper
* Fixed a problem with a company I was dealing with
* Reordered prescriptions
* Watched more t.v.
* Nursed baby girl
* Reviewed grocery circulars
* Read the news
* Blogged....

All in a day's work...and tonight - we're off to Boston Market for Friday night dinner!

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