Sunday, August 3, 2008

Strained Eyes

I spent all weekend putting numbers into a database. Why you may ask...well, we are just this much closer to launching the BETA for PARENTise!!! If you don't know - this is huge and very exciting!

So, I got eye strain this weekend because it was my job to finalize some of the details of the content and enter it into the database. Which I did. I felt really really productive and happy given that we had a really busy weekend.

My brother and sister-in-law came down with their 3 kids to visit baby girl #2 (and of course the rest of us). We hung out with them on Saturday afternoon into the evening - and again on Sunday morning. We actually went into the city on Sunday to visit with my other brother and his fiance (who I adore! and baby girl #1 calls SSSSSS....). They cooked b-fast, and we hung out for a while there and were home in time for naptime.

Anyway - with that going on AND with oh yeah - having 2 kids under 2 in the house...I was pretty impressed with what I had been able to get done. That was of course until Robert (my partner) called to tell me that I had apparently messed up the database in some way and it was no longer reporting properly! :-( Yeah, not a good feeling. That sucked, and it required me to go back to the database and review every single number that I had entered and check it agains a list. And I found....wait for it....NOTHING....

So, now I am waiting to hear back from Robert to see what it is that I did...we'll see...let's just hope I didn't break anything too seriously...

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Ginny said...

Ugh, that really sucks! Hope the problem isn't too hard to fix.