Friday, September 5, 2008

Live Date

So, we pushed back the live date by 30 days to the first of October. I am pretty sad about that on one level, but super psyched on the other.

I really wanted to go-live, but I didn't want to go-live with a subpar product. So, we made the decision to wait. When we do go-live the site will be ready for it, adn we'll have made it into something that we can be really proud of - instead of thinking about the things that we could have would have or should have made better or changed.

I am ready. I have got a marketing plan in my head and am in the process of getting it onto paper. I am learning about SEO and PR...I am making headway in so many areas - I am really excited.

So, less than 30 days and counting! Wish us luck!

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